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Hulley's Class Timetable

Warrior makes it return...and more ClubSpivi and Virtual Velo classes added!!

The ‘New Normal’ for Classes

The aerobics studio layout has changed with designated areas for working out clearly marked on the floor and spin bikes spaced out between workout stations.  Spin will take place in both studios at various times of the day allowing for safe social distancing during classes.  Classes will be designed with minimal kit use with no sharing of equipment or exercise space.  Sessions will be ‘on the spot’ rather than circuit style with a combination of live ClubAZ Instructor-led and virtual classes delivered via a big screen.

Members are required to wipe down kit BEFORE AND AFTER use with anti-bacterial.
Towels and sweat towels are not to be taken onto gym floor or into the studio.  Disposable paper towel is available for use.

ALL classes will need to be booked in advance. 

Due to the restriction on class sizes priority booking will be given to GymPlus members who will be able to book up to 6 days in advance as oppose to 5 days in advance for standard membership.

Booking cancellations – please provide as much notice as possible so we can fill your slot.  If you fail to show up without cancellation repeatedly, you risk having your account restricted.

To minimise queues please do not turn up more than 5 minutes before your booking.

Class Prices (card and contactless payment only).

GymPlus Membership – Includes all classes.

Pay as you go - 30 minute classes £3.00

Class Descriptions

ClubRide – Main Studio
Classic instructor-led indoor cycling class simulating hills, intervals, sprints 
and flat terrain tempos. The Spivi system & screen are not used for these classes.   
ClubSpivi – Spin Studio
Interactive Instructor-led cycling class using our unique Spivi system and free downloadable app incorporating intervals, hills and challenges along the way.   
Virtual Velo
Virtual cycling class following an on-screen structured workout.  Participants are advised to have an active and up to date Spivi profile for this class.
Strength, Tone & Endurance
High intensity interval training with short bursts of maximal effort and short rest periods.  Focus on both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Designed to improve strength, stamina and mobility using a large variety of upper & lower body exercises.

A class focusing on working the abdominal muscles to get that core ‘ripped’!

Burn calories, tone and shape your glutes and legs. Improves your cardio fitness, coordination and agility.

SpinHIIT – Main Studio
A combination of high intensity spin and off-bike exercises in an interval format providing an all over body blast.

Tabata Tone
Barbell toning in a body pump style, using the ancient Tabata principle of 20 secs work v 10 secs rest.

Functional exercises in a timed or repetition scored workout. A focus on cardio and body weight exercises to provide a workout of the day or ‘WOD’.

Martial Arts
Various systems of combat training providing all over body fitness and stress relief!

Mind & Body
A spiritual discipline focusing on specific bodily postures, breathing and meditation.

Focuses on the body’s core strength and improves posture.