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What is ClubAZ Childcare?
We’re all looking for ways to tighten those purse strings wherever we can. Childcare fees are steeply rising and poised to continue this year but don’t fear - ClubAZ can help. 

ClubAZ Childcare could be the perfect solution for you, your family or friends looking to save the pennies on the rising costs of Childcare. It is an additional service you can join in order to get discounts on local nursery fees. If you are a ClubAZ Member you can join ClubAZ Childcare and potentially save hundreds of pounds a year on nursery expenses.  

ClubAZ Childcare costs £2 per month for Ordinary ClubAZ Members and £5 per month for Associate and Family Members - a small price to pay for the huge annual discount you will save per year on your Childcare. But don’t take our word for it - here’s what some of our ClubAZ Childcare Members had to say:

Barry Crean- “Alderley Day Nursery is excellent and I’m saving around £600 per year!”

Gayle Yeandle- “Kids Allowed in Macclesfield is fabulous”
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ClubAZ Childcare Terms and Conditions
ClubAZ Childcare Membership is payable through a members salary or via Direct Debit. Cancellation of any membership is only valid with 28 days notice through the cancellation form available at the top of the page. It is the ClubAZ Member’s responsibility to ensure we are made aware of any subscription changes required as you will still be charged until the cancellation is received.

Please note that discounts through ClubAZ Childcare are only valid for the duration of a fully paid ClubAZ Childcare subscription. Failure to inform your nursery and continuing to receive an invalid discount may lead to the amount owing to ClubAZ being claimed back, alternatively, the discounted amount will be requested in full by the childcare provider.

If you have any queries or to join please contact or