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Recruiting Now! New members are welcome at the start of each new term.

Are you a secret singer?
If you like to sing, please consider joining AZ Aloud for the start of the 2019 Spring/Summer season culminating in one or two performances on-site or in the local community. Rehearsals are held at Mill Court Restaurant, AZ Macclesfield from 18:00 – 19:30 on Mondays. We sing a variety of styles of music and prior experience or being able to read music is not necessary. 

AZ Aloud is a community choir open to all ClubAZ Members including family, friends and associate members.

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Watch our performance at The Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield (June 2016)

AZ Aloud was formed in January 2009 for singers of all experience and ability to get together in a relaxed, social environment to enjoy a wide range of material including Pop, Musical Theatre, Folk, Traditional and Classical that suits all levels of experience and ability.

There is no requirement for you to be able to read music, but if you can that shouldn’t prevent you from joining us! We learn new music each term but also combine with a selection from our existing repertoire. We do have a large and varied back catalogue and there is an expectation that some learning and practice is done at home alongside attending rehearsals. We have a number of learning aids that assists with this.

When does AZ Aloud meet?
The choir meets at the Mill Court Restaurant on-site at Macclesfield on Monday evenings. Rehearsals run from 18:00- 19:30. We don’t meet on Bank Holidays, and we don’t meet during July, August or January. If you do not have access to Macclesfield site, you will need to sign in/show photo ID to the security guard on Mill Court Reception on arrival. Please email one of the AZ Aloud committee members (see below) before your first rehearsal so your name can be added to the list.

The next term will commence on Monday 18 March and run weekly up to and including Mon 24 June culminating in two local performances in June. No rehearsals on Bank Holidays.  

If you can’t make it to the first session, don’t worry – we’re happy to accept new members up to 3 weeks into the start of the term.

What should I bring?
A bottle of water to keep your vocal chords lubricated a pencil to mark your music, and lots of energy and enthusiasm to have a good time. 

What does it cost?
The term will cost £40 per AZ Aloud member. The subs cover the cost of the musical director’s time, our accompanist, the purchase of sheet music, concert/performance expenses and general stationery.  You do need to be a member of Club AZ so if you are not already a member, you will need to join Club AZ which currently costs £2.50 per month.  

Subs are non-refundable and payable by cash, debit card or cheque to the AZ Aloud Treasurer at the start of term.  Those new to AZ Aloud we allow two to three sessions grace before asking for commitment to subs - to allow you to try before you buy!

Participation in concerts or other performances is not compulsory! If you only want to come along and sing at the rehearsals, and really don’t want to take part in a concert or performance, then that is absolutely fine. We would love you to still be involved in a concert or event in a different capacity e.g. Front of House, if you don’t want to sing publicly!

From time-to-time, we are also contacted by ClubAZ, Sodexo and AZ to appear at various onsite events such as Christmas lunches or parties, ClubAZ Roadshows and Family Fun Days. 

For more information, please contact:
Chair of the Committee: Liz Jennings
Section Secretary: Sharon Heffernan