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Trick or Treat Lottery Draw

Who scooped the £5,000 jackpot?

What a spooktacular Halloween for David Morrison whose trip to the gym was disturbed in style with a cheque for £5,000!

Pictured with David are Tony, Jenny and Dave from the ClubAZ team.

Also celebrating are our 50 £100 winners - congratulations!

50 x £100 Winners!
Jayne Backler
Dawn Trueman
Ian Brocklehurst
Jane Henfrey
Kevin Embrey
Gary Mottershead
Maria Orr
Barry Shaw
Rebecca Skelhorn
Louis Vincent
Valerie Dann
Lisa Sanders
Sally Machin
Lisa Castle
Christine Harris
Janice Kelley
Phillip Knuth
Rachel Evans
Jennifer Watson
Kelly Ronan
John A Edwards
Caireen Hargreaves
Nicola Fletcher
Sarah Rogers
Alistair Boyd
Graeme Shaw
Tracey Bryant
Andrew Bebbington
Suzanne Gibson
Stephen Swallow
Emma Foxton
Simon Morton
Neil Whitmore
Andrew Adams
Louise Hartley
Michael Winder
Marc Knowles
Dorota Lowings
Tanya Stark
Steven Pheasey
Clare Jones
Elizabeth Hibbert
Aileen Jardine
Lisa Waterhouse
Dominic Sheratte
Farouk Sardar
Sarah Bailey
Jose De Sousa
Lorraine Hassall