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Summer Lovin' Lottery Winners for July

Who are our 100 winners of £100?

Summer lovin’... let’s have a blast...
Summer lovin’... by winning some CASH!
We are giving 200 lucky ClubAZ Lottery Members £100 to help them have a summer of fun!

Congratulations to our 100 winners for July!

Graham Evans
Peter Cotton
Stephen Ball
Lisa Tonge
Paul Silvester
Karen Knight
Graham Patten
Mark Merrick
Charles Lachut
Anne Kane
Stephen Marshall
Steven Forshaw
Steven Forshaw
Philip Davies
Stephen Spencer
Kathryn Lear
Elain Holness
Alex Inglis
Kelvin Stockell
Caron White
Diane Cookson
Mark Taylor
Richard Crabtree
Robin Smith
Evelin Rowcliffe
Paul Riley
Christopher Davies
Barbara Parry
Norma Park
Angela Jordan
Andrew Owens
Alison Leah
Andrew Sherwood
Ian Trout
Susan Vernon
Kirsty Dakin
David Benstead
Tanya Coleman
Stephen Mackenzie
Jonathan Potter
Janine Ogley
Scott Davis
Karen Roberts
Emma Fairbrother
Terri Danisevich
Philip Harding
Jonathan Roberts
Kerry Keeling
Jan Grace
Maura Elliott
John Nightingale
Nichola Davies
Neil Benney
Pamela London
Stephen Mathers
Andrew Freeman
Jayne James
Antony King
Laurence Beverley
Emma Robinson Moss
Eileen Richardson
Amjud Chaudry
Arran McDonald
Jonathan Potter
Lewis Carter
Clare Goose
Michelle Price
Helen Sparks
Laura Allbuary
Jane Escott
Jo Trayler
Alan Kirk
Howard Smith
Henrietta Mallett
Elaine Stanway
Natalie Williams
Carl Curtis
Kim Hardman
Andrew Kirk
Joe Broadley
Leigh Carroll-Jones
Rebecca Linke
Jayesh Godhania
Clare Horn
Mark Varey
Peter Alexander
Anthony Corder
Leigh Carroll-Jones
Lisa Bickley
Matthew Lancashire
Simon Jones
Stacey McGovern
Mark Duffy
Noria Mbuisa
Catherine Trigwell
Jacqueline Wootton
Jacqueline Wootton
Nicholas East
Carl McGregor-Ogden
Helen Dignam

Your cheque will be available from your nearest ClubAZ Shop. However if you are based outside of Alderley Park or Macclesfield Campus or do not have access to site your cheque will be posted out to you. Likewise if you are unable to collect please email with a forwarding address and we will send it out to you.

Our next 100 winners of £100 will be announced on Friday 31 August. If you are not yet a member or would like to increase your shares click here.