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Personal Training is back!

Plus we have personalised vouchers available to buy for Christmas - so whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, make 2021 the year of fitness!

The benefits or making it Personal!

If you’re looking for some advice and an extra dash of motivation then look no further!

Whether you're on a quest for fitness, recovering from an injury or trying to get your body ready for a specific physical challenge, you might want to consider what working with a personal trainer might do for you.  But what are the benefits of working with personal trainers?  How do you go about finding and choosing personal trainers?  And what should you expect from your sessions.  

ClubPT is all about individual advice, guidance and motivation.  The reason for paying for your own personal trainer is to get this attention and a training programme that's right for you. Your trainer will teach you how to make every exercise count so that you'll get the results you want.

Talk to any of our trainers to learn more about ClubPT – they will point you in the direction of a trainer that is best suited for your particular needs. You can schedule an appointment by contacting Hulley’s on ext 22929 (01625 512929).

Try before you buy!
Take advantage of a complimentary ClubPT half-hour session where one of our personal trainers will evaluate your current fitness level, show you how to use the equipment (if necessary), discuss your goals and let you sample what we have to offer.  Just book in for your session at reception and see what we have to offer – there is no obligation to have any subsequent chargeable personal training sessions.