World Cup Fitness Challenge

Starts Thursday 14 June

Physio-Led Pilates - Absolute Beginners
Six week course available from Tuesday 26 June
Important Member Announcement
Mulberry’s Closure – date confirmed

Sportspoint School Holiday Camps
2018 dates available
Cecilia Matos Wax, Massage & Beauty
Male and Female Beauty and Holistic Therapist
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Local walking and running maps

Annual 6-Aside Tournament

Congratulations to our 2018 winners!

25 May 2018 in UK

How do I Remain a Member of ClubAZ?

Leavers information

25 May 2018 in UK

ClubAZ Privacy Policy

New data protection laws

18 May 2018 in UK

Macclesfield Site Race 2018

Who are our 2018 winners?

09 May 2018 in UK

Junior Gym

Now available ALL weekend!

28 September 2017 in Cheshire

ClubAZ Community Membership

Now available at Alderley Park

28 June 2016 in UK


Personal Training designed for you by our team of expert trainers.

23 August 2010 in Cheshire